Looking for an exhilarating day out? Look no further than RSR Racing

For individuals, corporate, novices and professionals – all you need is a full UK licence.

RSR Racing are passionate about cars and racing.  We strive to bring the experience of professional racing and track days to the public, and provide a stellar service including experiences, events, full car services with high spec parts, storage and servicing, as well as bringing your own sports car to our tracks.  Why not see what we can do for you today?

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Take one of our racing cars out for a spin on a racetrack
  • A safe way to go wild without losing your drivers licence. You will have all the freedom for speed in a top of the range FIA spec racing car.  Or if you prefer, you can bring your own.
  • We can provide lessons on how to drive correctly and safely on the track, improve your skills, and let you drive fast without fear of accidents or pedestrians on the road
  • If you own a sports car, you can bring it on to the racetrack with our engineers assisting on the day, with full mechanical support and transportation

Treat your car to a full service with RSR Racing
  • You can bring your car to RSR Racing to get it souped up whilst keeping it road legal.  We also offer secure and temperature controlled storage to keep your car in tip top condition
  • We can deliver your car to any track.  We are suppliers of all high performance parts and modifications to deliver the best driving experience on the day
  • Events run throughout the year within England, Europe and Africa. Contact us for more details and we look forward to hearing from you soon

RSR Racing can store your sports car, soup it up, service it with high spec parts and deliver it to track.

Streamlining your racing experience and bringing power to your car

Professional, Reliable, Efficient
Making your dreams a reality